Jon Olsen (burnunit) wrote,
Jon Olsen

a dream of flying, suffocating, fighting tigers

We were doing parkour and some other stunt travel, almost like wirework. I often have dreams of flying like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. dangerdhotrod and spacebug and I were running all over this park, then a crazy industrial wood processing facility, then a hotel-casino. . I was really good at some of it and they weren't as good but we were learning with each other. None of us felt good about "landing from height" if it was a really tall height. We were hampered because we weren't in a huge cityscape with rooftops and we couldn't tic-tac from wall to wall, so we had to leap from tree to tree in the park, and then we found some walls and that was exciting. I was getting good at the "cat leap" but I was also practically flying--I could adhere to any surface and stay aloft, leaping between things, as long as I kept moving. I said to Danger, "see? if you stop all the weight returns to your body!" and he was like "yeah!" Then we were in this wood processing plant/yard thing. There were huge piles of large stumps that we leapt on and then these really heavy bags of sawdust (they were showing us how to make chip board and "vinyl reinforced plywood" or somesuch) at one point I was in the pile of sawdust bags and I was scared because they were huge and I couldn't move them and I couldn't quite escape. But somebody helped lift them off and I slid to safety. Somehow we were in the hotel casino, hiding and sneaking around but leaping from wall to wall and hanging from fixtures without damaging them. Then a young/small, pale blue tiger kept jumping on me and clinging to my arm and biting really hard and I fought it by slamming it repeatedly against the wall and all the guests gathered round and all I wanted to do was go back to flying around. The tiger fell off and leapt away. spacebug was laughing at me--not being mean, it was kind of funny how that tiger kept jumping on me. She had to go and Danger and I kept flying.
Tags: dreams

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