July 30th, 2009



I keep saying how I haven't watched many movies in the last several years, but this year is different. I have gotten to watch more thanks to Netflix.

I haven't kept studious track like my friends do (like with #s and everything? jesus, you guys!) but it's gone up. And I've gotten to be fast and loose with it too--some serious shit, some crazy shit.

Like today. Today I watched The House Bunny. It was exceedingly predictable and formulaic. You know what? I didn't care. You know why? Anna Faris. a) she's super talented. She did some really tremendous acting with her face, her commitment and her voice. and b) she's pretty smokin hot. But she's not alone. I'm really quite charmed by Tom Hanks' kid, and that Emma Stone gal who was also in Superbad. So on the balance, worth netflixing.

This is good. I feel like I'm sorta...human again...
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