August 24th, 2009


The Exposition

A new drink I'm really proud of--I guess I'm doing my own mixology Monday. Wonder what the topic is.

I like the name Exposition, and I think it's apt.

The Exposition
1.5 oz akvavit
.75 oz dry vermouth
.5 oz Ginger infused gin
Half a Valencia orange
4 basil leaves-1 large, 3 small or to taste

Prep ahead of time: To make ginger gin, peel and shred about 3 inches of ginger root into 12 oz of gin. Rest for at least two weeks at room temperature, stirring every couple days. Strain and store.

In mixing glass put orange half (cut into four pieces) muddle with torn large basil leaf and one small one. Add ginger infused gin and muddle a little more to mix. Add ice, akvavit, and vermouth. Stir or shake until well chilled. Strain. If desired up, strain into cocktail glass, smack remaining basil leaves and garnish.

OR smack basil, drop into an old fashioned glass along with ice, strain cocktail into glass and top with soda. Extremely light and refreshing!

Variations to try: 1oz vermouth, less orange, more basil, ginger liqeuer, whisky instead of akvavit.

A little fussy, but very summery and fun.

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