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Dreamed last week that the new baby came and that it was African American. I was just glad that the baby delivered safely and was healthy but everybody in the room was freaking out. Doctors and nurses were asking "what are you going to do, can't you see this baby's not yours?" and i was like "shut up, we'll deal with that stuff later! don't say that in front of the baby! let's just take care of the baby, do your jobs! let's not talk like that in front of the sweet baby"

I guess in my dreams I'm very compassionate to babies and very sanguine about everything else, no matter how unexpected. Or very good at denial. Let's hope we can make the former a reality. Except for the paternity part. I mean, I firmly believe it's not discriminatory for me to expect, that my wife's baby isn't Black. In any case, if s/he is, let's just wait until after we get home to discuss it, okay?
"Mary Mary under your veil of stars/you changed the world you broke my heart..."

(raising herewith an ethical question: is it wrong to hope that my baby is white? I argue yes, such a thing is ethically and morally wrong. discuss.)
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