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two americas

Jim Webb was talking about two americas last night. That's like swiping diRECT from the John Edwards playbook. Was he sending me loosely coded messages? (The TV's been sending us coded messages lately)

I had a dream about John Edwards last week. I think it's the only dream I've had about a presidential contender, certainly the only one in this election cycle. John was in coveralls, walking up the train tracks through a shockingly green and verdant valley. There was a huge crowd of people behind him, and behind them a very bright green Burlington Northern caboose, moving under its own power. Or maybe John Edwards was pulling it. Or maybe it was being pushed by all these people. I was on a bus, a Jackrabbit, actually, and drove past this scene in a blink. I leapt up and said "stop the bus, I gotta go see Edwards. it's Edwards! I need to go back and see what he needs." Somehow the bus took a long time to stop, but I got out in this many-tracked train yard (possibly the one over in NE Mpls by University north of Lowry?) and started walking back toward the green and verdant valley and the many many happy brightly lit people (lit from a non-specific even, white source at a high angle). Edwards was smiling, and was really happy to see everyone, and I was really excited too. I woke up without anyone saying anything clear.
Tags: dreams, politics

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