Jon Olsen (burnunit) wrote,
Jon Olsen

it used to be about the MUSIC, man!

obviously, I'm descending into being a complete tool, but I am kind of enjoying myself in the biz realm. as I drop into utter toolhood, I have to say

1) I am a complete junky for Google analytics. You haven't ever tried it? Oh man, just install some on your website(s). In a month, the high you get will be unfreakingbelievable.

2) I love this social ingenuity notion my friend is working on.

3) (and this is where the toolishness actually adheres) I have taken a mild interest in global business and "the markets", reading seekingalpha how the world works and getting into chart school; and now when someone makes a crack about NWA's lousy service and rates, I'm thinking like, "huh I wonder what the progress is on that Midwest buyout deal and though NWA promises not to have management role in MW, does a deal like this expose NWA's main business to investor pressure from TPG management?" then I'm like, "probably not, you naive tool." then I'm like "oh gawwwwd."
Tags: job, mammon

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