Jon Olsen (burnunit) wrote,
Jon Olsen

this ain't a cocktail blog but...

cocktail blogs being all the rage now, I have been attending to their contributions with interest. this has been a good summer for cocktails, i tell you what. So anyway, I've finally gone ahead and plunged in to working out my own recipes. Here's one I made that I think has legs; let's call it the Northwoods Sling or perhaps the Smokehouse Sling:

Recipe makes either 2 lowball cocktails or 1 highball (iv'e developed this appreciation for smaller drinks lately, so I can have more of them, share, stay upright, etc.)

Northwoods Sling - standard
1.5 oz. whisky
1 oz. cherry brandy or liqueur
.5 oz. gin
dash of bitters
club soda

Pour booze into mixing glass with ice, shake. Strain into two glasses with ice. Dash in the bitters. Fill with soda. Squeeze and drop lemon. Serve and relax.

I can predict some good variations I look forward to attempting -- use blended scotch for a true smoky smokehouse version; use lemon sour or lemon soda instead of club; throw out the soda, double it, stir instead of shake and strain to a cocktail glass; push furhter into fizz territory with an egg white; would probably garnish with medium sized lemon twist regardless, but totally essential if served up. etc.

The original version involved some specific brand names of hooch. I'm not a total snob but I tend to keep hands off the bottom shelves. So I dunno. I guess if you want to experience it in the form I determined was what I liked at first, then here's the brand loyalty you need to display:

Northwoods Sling - original
1.5 oz. rye whisky (Wild Turkey)
1 oz. Heering cherry liqueur
.5 oz. gin (Brokers)
dash of orange bitters (Fee's)
club soda
shake booze with ice, pour over ice in 10 oz glass, perfume with bitters, top with soda, eschew garnish. Drink quickly and make another!
Tags: booze, food
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