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Remembering my heritage

As I am descended from Norwegians, I believe I share with my fellow Norwegians a historical perspective on the Larry Craig matter. See, thanks to my Norwegian heritage, I believe I have a clear and hardheaded, realpolitik kind of way to think about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons who remain members of the Republican party in this degraded era. We know a thing or two about people like this, see, we call them quislings. Because that's exactly how they're playing the game, and exactly the kind of persons they're playing with vis a vis their own sexual orientation.

If you're queer and a republican, you're first an idiot who can't read writing on the wall no matter how high and bloody the letters are; a traitor second; and and pretty much utterly doomed third. If you think you're not, you are fooling yourself about what your party wants to do to you and people like you. Give them so much as an angry inch, and they'll gleefully cut it the fuck off. Then feed it to you and tell you how they're saving everyone while they're doing it. Quislings. Think about it.
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