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Dead people on LOST don't tend to stay dead. Faraday may be dead, but he could still show up in every remaining episode and the writers could make it work.

Why are people so confused about the time travel stuff? "Is Faraday dead? How can he be dead in the past and still have existed in 2004 ?" "Why don't people remember they were in the past?"
how many times do they have to say "this is our present" before you people get it?? I mean DAMN. The adult Faraday is the person who was shot in 1977. Up until 2004-5 he was living through OUR present, so the child Faraday and the young man Faraday, who were raised off the island, were not exposed to any of the events of his shooting in 1977. Then when he reached adulthood in 2004-5, he went back to 1974, as an adult. He had left the time stream in 2005 and moved to a new present (sure, it's our past, but it's still his new present). Then he was shot. Why is this confusing?

70s-80s    90s   2000s       70s
childhood   oxford           Kahana         ann arbor     shot on island

That line? That's his consciousness of the present. To him, it's a straight line, even though there are discontinuities within the line, his living present still maintains. This is all very clear to me and annoying when other people are confused. Same with Sayid, same with everyone. They don't remember the events of the past because they weren't adults in the past, they were children. They came to the past after becoming adults. Their consciousness retains its forward perception, even if their location in time has changed.

Jeeez. This could not be any easier.

That dispensed with, I am also just fine if the writers choose to "undo" everything by dropping Jughead into the Swan site energy and resetting the timeline. Yes, it might be unsatisfactory, but I believe they could still write it convincingly and affectingly. I don't think that I want the series to end that way next year, but I have faith that the story is going to unfold the way it should, regardless.

It felt a little tiny bit rushed and out of character that Daniel all of a sudden wanted to change the past and was so determined to do so after saying "whatever happened happened" so consistently for so long. As a parallel episode to "The Constant", "The Variable" doesn't of course carry the punch of that one (name an episode that does?). However, I still retain the faith that the writers are determined to see this through and that we'll get some more things we need to reach satisfying ends for the story.

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