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This is not an official announcement... (that's already been made)
You might have heard there was a big change in CONvergence and MISFITS' relationship. You heard right—we voted unanimously (that is, 12-0) as a board of directors to spin off CONvergence from the Minnesota Society for Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy (MISFITS) into its own 501c3 organization. The details of these changes will be worked out by January 1, 2010. A set of changes to the bylaws have been officially submitted to the organization (it requires 30 days minimum review before such changes are completed). After 1/1/10, management of each organization will no longer be overseen by the board of 12. Revenue donation will continue at current levels at least through the 2011 convention cycle .

Someone asked me (in private so I won't say who) what the "party line" was going to be on this decision. There is no party line, only a decision by each of twelve different directors, very likely each for their own reasons.

Instead of feeding you any party line, I'll tell you the truth: 1) I made the motion to divide into two and set the timeline; 2) I submitted the draft revision of the bylaws; 3) I not only voted for the motion (obviously since it was unanimous), I spoke passionately in its favor. I'm not trying to take undue credit, I just want it known where I stand.

This is going to be big, people.
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