Jon Olsen (burnunit) wrote,
Jon Olsen

Lost: The End

I loved the ending. Works great for me. I'll have to post about it several times over hte coming weeks

I keep thinking about the Koreans. Do you remember their smiles at Juliet and again at Sawyer in that hospital? could be recognition, makes sense. I also wonder, at the choice of Koreans by producers so long ago. What a wonderful thing, I think (a country bold enough to put the yin and yang on their flag!). Because of that deep presence of the yin and yang in the story, that it pervades it. I've always had fondness for the world's many religions (I have a loyalty to one in particular, but I do appreciate the others). And one thing I've liked about the tao is the rising and sinking, the breath of the void. And many of the world's great religions use that breathing as a fundamental or identifictory habitus (a term I picked up from the study of Hinduism), as being is breathed out of nothing, arising and sinking back again. Paul Sponheim would speak of the pulse of creation, and of the creatio ex nihilo. Even Nietzsche could be said to get in on the act, reviving eternal recurrence of the same for the sake of people living after the end of religion. And Science (SCIENCE) fitted nicely into the whole story of LOST, another mechanism wrestling with the real. If we'd done it right, Darwin and Galileo would have been heroes of the faith, you know. I hope we get it right. The great recurrence of the breath of the kosmos, the opening and closing of the eye, the embrace and the release. More to come I suppose.

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