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At-con care

This year, I'm going looking for a proper babysitter/nanny for CONvergence weekend. For sure we need someone to be all-day-and-overnight with the kids (Eleanor age 7 and Henry age 2) on Friday and Saturday nights. I just need to suck it up and treat it like a proper "night on the town", like going to a play or the movies.

So now I'm kinda stuck thinking about it: I don't necessarily want to ask any of my friends/acquaintances. I need to find someone who isn't really planning to go to the con or work on it. Don't you think?

I mean, I plan to invite this person to come to the convention with us—I have an extra membership I purchased a while back exactly for that purpose. And I intend to spend some time with our kids because they love to go to con and go swimming and stuff. But there's going to be some blocks of time, and especially late night, where we need to be out of the room and this person would have to be willing to be in it, missing the party scene and stuff. That's one reason why I figured I didn't want to ask someone already planning to go to con, since they'd be missing the good stuff.

I was thinking of calling a service or going online—I'm trying not to be weirdly hesitant about craigslist. Edit: We are staying in a suite. This person would have a choice to either stay in the other room of the suite or to go to their home when we come in at night, or to take our kids back to Our house and stay there.

So internets: anybody have any thoughts?
  1. Know anyone responsible and who enjoys kids who wouldn't mind spending con weekend with them?
  2. What's a reasonable price for this scenario? Obviously the sitter would receive a badge and a place to sleep. But those are just baseline expectations any sitter should demand (ability to be where the kids are ranks pretty high in any babysitting gig).
  3. Don't sitters in these scenarios do package deals sometimes, rather than just hourly?
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