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two americas

Jim Webb was talking about two americas last night. That's like swiping diRECT from the John Edwards playbook. Was he sending me loosely coded messages? (The TV's been sending us coded messages lately)

I had a dream about John Edwards last week. I think it's the only dream I've had about a presidential contender, certainly the only one in this election cycle. John was in coveralls, walking up the train tracks through a shockingly green and verdant valley. There was a huge crowd of people behind him, and behind them a very bright green Burlington Northern caboose, moving under its own power. Or maybe John Edwards was pulling it. Or maybe it was being pushed by all these people. I was on a bus, a Jackrabbit, actually, and drove past this scene in a blink. I leapt up and said "stop the bus, I gotta go see Edwards. it's Edwards! I need to go back and see what he needs." Somehow the bus took a long time to stop, but I got out in this many-tracked train yard (possibly the one over in NE Mpls by University north of Lowry?) and started walking back toward the green and verdant valley and the many many happy brightly lit people (lit from a non-specific even, white source at a high angle). Edwards was smiling, and was really happy to see everyone, and I was really excited too. I woke up without anyone saying anything clear.


Dreamed last week that the new baby came and that it was African American. I was just glad that the baby delivered safely and was healthy but everybody in the room was freaking out. Doctors and nurses were asking "what are you going to do, can't you see this baby's not yours?" and i was like "shut up, we'll deal with that stuff later! don't say that in front of the baby! let's just take care of the baby, do your jobs! let's not talk like that in front of the sweet baby"

I guess in my dreams I'm very compassionate to babies and very sanguine about everything else, no matter how unexpected. Or very good at denial. Let's hope we can make the former a reality. Except for the paternity part. I mean, I firmly believe it's not discriminatory for me to expect, that my wife's baby isn't Black. In any case, if s/he is, let's just wait until after we get home to discuss it, okay?
"Mary Mary under your veil of stars/you changed the world you broke my heart..."

(raising herewith an ethical question: is it wrong to hope that my baby is white? I argue yes, such a thing is ethically and morally wrong. discuss.)

a dream of flying, suffocating, fighting tigers

We were doing parkour and some other stunt travel, almost like wirework. I often have dreams of flying like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. dangerdhotrod and spacebug and I were running all over this park, then a crazy industrial wood processing facility, then a hotel-casino. . I was really good at some of it and they weren't as good but we were learning with each other. None of us felt good about "landing from height" if it was a really tall height. We were hampered because we weren't in a huge cityscape with rooftops and we couldn't tic-tac from wall to wall, so we had to leap from tree to tree in the park, and then we found some walls and that was exciting. I was getting good at the "cat leap" but I was also practically flying--I could adhere to any surface and stay aloft, leaping between things, as long as I kept moving. I said to Danger, "see? if you stop all the weight returns to your body!" and he was like "yeah!" Then we were in this wood processing plant/yard thing. There were huge piles of large stumps that we leapt on and then these really heavy bags of sawdust (they were showing us how to make chip board and "vinyl reinforced plywood" or somesuch) at one point I was in the pile of sawdust bags and I was scared because they were huge and I couldn't move them and I couldn't quite escape. But somebody helped lift them off and I slid to safety. Somehow we were in the hotel casino, hiding and sneaking around but leaping from wall to wall and hanging from fixtures without damaging them. Then a young/small, pale blue tiger kept jumping on me and clinging to my arm and biting really hard and I fought it by slamming it repeatedly against the wall and all the guests gathered round and all I wanted to do was go back to flying around. The tiger fell off and leapt away. spacebug was laughing at me--not being mean, it was kind of funny how that tiger kept jumping on me. She had to go and Danger and I kept flying.

diversity libre checkered flag

dreamed that I was selling diversity training and products to NASCAR. the person from NASCAR's HR dept was Jack Black in Nacho Libre--just his face, hair, and build so he had the voice of someone else; and he was dressed in a short sleeved shirt with a bad tie. he was very excited to get something and he was proud to say that his budget was (whispering intently) "thirty nine thousand." I was mentally counting a commission in my head on that figure and I promised him we would find "the right solution, probably a combination of platform training and a wonderful online resource we have."

I used to say that if I dreamed of work, it was a sign I should move on to another job.

But dude, Jack Black from NASCAR wanting to buy diversity training for 39,000 dollars? I'm sticking around for that shit!
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