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Some like it hoth

Last week's LOST ... man, it was so gentle and friendly and character-driven. Great work by Ken Leung, just great. We're being set for some massive shoes to drop. I predict this was like a sorbet course. The rest of the episodes are going to be killer. If this was a sorbet or intermezzo, the rest of the season is going to be frigging gavage!

Lansing! Elect this man Mayor for Life!

Update: As Glenn Greenwald points out, the whole "$70/hour" thing is completely misrepresented. GM and other auto employees are not PAID seventy bucks an hour, that's the total cost per worker. The "journalist" then compares that total cost to the average base salary of a midwest employee, which is around $27/hour. And attempts to spin it as a $70 vs. $27 argument, which the auto workers must "give up" as a "concession" in this situation.

This is not an accurate comparison. Argue if you feel like autoworkers are overpaid, fine. But don't you dare use total cost vs. base salary to do it.

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After three times of seeing this commercial in 30 second form, I was completely enraged. Then I found the NINE MINUTE version and the scales fell from my eyes.


out from under

SO yes, if you've been curious, I have been living under a rock thank you very much (meet the rocks, by the way). But anyway, mrs_lovett and I have finally started watching thru LOST on dvd. This may be a silly gesture for something everyone else caught years ago but I'll hide commentary Collapse )

"something smells"

Since I am as old as John McCain nowdays, I fall asleep in my chair by 1015. So I missed Letterman. But here's is a wonderful clip of Letterman letting loose. Let's shred this fake politics b.s. once and for all. No law in the arena!

**Edit: Also run, don't walk, over to Glenn Greenwald on the subject of Sarah Palin's interviews with Katie Couric. Glenn's keyboard isn't a poison pen, it's tipped with acid and he's been on a run of very intense writing lately:
One of two things is absolutely clear at this point: she is either (a) completely ignorant about the most basic political issues -- a vacant, ill-informed, incurious know-nothing, or (b) aggressively concealing her actual beliefs about these matters because she's petrified of deviating from the simple-minded campaign talking points she's been fed and/or because her actual beliefs are so politically unpalatable, even when taking into account the right-wing extremism that is permitted, even rewarded, in our mainstream. I'm not really sure which is worse, but it doesn't really matter, because with 40 days left before the election, both options are heinous.


Kenli, miss Paige on line one (and Natalie Dee on line two, incidentally) and she'd like to discuss royalty payments on the look you're stealing. Also, your dress tonite made throw up a little.

Why can't they toss out two designers a week in these early episodes?